What can we do for you?

Karmijn is an investment fund. For us, investing is about much more than money. We know this to be true for entrepreneurs also. The cooperation and the personal relationships we form while investing in companies are paramount. We know that entrepreneurs and management teams are often looking for a partner, a sounding board. We share the pride for entrepreneur’s companies and the love for their products and services. We are actively involved in the company’s brainstorms and strategy definition and also in the execution of the plans we create together, if necessary. We believe value creation requires more than money and spreadsheets. We have knowledge of growth and business operations, and we believe good personal relationships are equally key to your success.


How we do it

Our values

We strive for win-win situations. We actively seek collaboration. We use diversity; the individual input and strength of all players. We bridge differences.

We are accessible and we really listen. We have a genuine interest in your company. We share our knowledge and are transparent in our intentions.

We are also an SME, made up of entrepreneurial people. We take initiative and aren’t afraid of taking well-considered risks. We come up with creative solutions and strive for sustainable entrepreneurship.

We set the bar high and always do our utmost. We take all stakeholders into account. We deliver quality. We take responsibility for our projects from start to finish.


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